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Nikolina Kovalenko


Nikolina Kovalenko is an visual artist communicating society’s dual connection with nature, exposing both its beauty and consequence. Nikolina grew up in Moscow, Russia where both of her parents and grandfather were artists. The majority of her childhood was spent playing with art materials and art books, allowing an environment of psychology and creativity to begin at a young age. 


Nikolina Kovalenko has graciously committed to donate 30% of all the sales of her print artwork

to our nonprofit.


Nikolina’s artwork continues to inspire and captivate those who have the pleasure to be involved. We are thrilled to work with her, and hope to share the magic on canvas as we go.

For purchase inquiries of Nikolinas art including her limited addition signed prints of her Dandelion Reef painting.

Please email Nikolina at:

Visit : Nikolina Kovalenko




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Must what video: Aquatic Human



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It’s time to reflect on our consumer society. And if we’re actually doing this, why not do it with a worthwhile change? After all, sustainable living proves beneficial in many ways.

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