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Starting with a passionate collective of ocean enthusiasts, Counting Coral is a growing nonprofit organization dedicated to a future where, in simple terms, coral reefs can simply exist as they should. The nonprofit began with a small collective of individuals passionate about the ocean with an unprecedented ambition to make a difference in the space of reef restoration. Our journey began humbly, gradually gaining the engagement of a broader circle of conservationists who shared our vision and supported our endeavors. Throughout the past three years, Counting Coral has evolved into a diverse and interdisciplinary team with varying areas of expertise, uniquely qualified to tackle this challenge.

Within the larger goal of coral conservation lies the desire to push the boundaries of conservation, aiming for effective outcomes that inspire not only conservationists but also the wider population. To do so, Counting Coral designs, donates and installs sculptural coral gene banks that are meticulously customized to revive and rehabilitate coral reefs within reef dependent communities. Counting Coral’s vision is to create marine protected areas around the world, where large, managed sculptural coral gene banks are built. These sculptural marine parks and gene banks will be managed by Counting Coral in collaboration with shareholders in the community.

Coral reefs support 25% of marine biodiversity and their depletion is imminent, with 90% predicted to be lost by 2030.Through collaboration with communities heavily dependent on their reef ecosystems, these chosen reefs will develop increased resilience to the challenges brought about by climate change. By implementing an operational attraction that functions as an initial gene bank, we can redirect diver activity away from vulnerable reefs, enhance financial benefits for local communities, amplify marketing prospects, and promote awareness regarding marine conservation.

The strength of the Counting Coral team resides in its remarkable diversity. With members possessing a range of skills, knowledge, and expertise, we form a dynamic community of abilities to apply within these intricate projects. Whether it's conducting coral surveys, organizing educational outreach programs, fundraising, or working a hands-on installation, our combined efforts amplify impact and bring about meaningful change. The team's ability to mobilize resources, engage local communities, and collaborate with like-minded organizations is a testament to our shared passion and unwavering determination.


Whether you're a student, a full-time employee, or simply passionate about contributing to the betterment of our oceans, there are always opportunities to contribute. We provide volunteering positions, internships, and other means of supporting our cause, depending on your availability.


Feel free to get in touch, we'd love to chat. 




President & Founder

Jolyon’s lifelong passion's involve artistry, surfing, diving, and a profound connection to the ocean. With over three decades of expertise as an architect and contractor, Jolyon has accumulated extensive skill sets that encompasses the scope of building operations, cost management, meticulous project timeline execution, and unique craftsmanship.



Executive Director

Having acquired expertise in branding, graphic design, and business strategy, she brings valuable insights to propel the growth of Counting Coral to its fullest potential. Brooke directs the nonprofit, and aims to raise global consciousness through a distinctive and engaging approach.




Driven by a profound love for the planet, Lionel brings with him over three decades of experience in executive corporate positions and running businesses. He plays a pivotal role in establishing the initial business framework and implementing meticulous financial tracking systems for Counting Coral.



Director of Science

Jonny is a professional environmentalist, specializing in project management and impact assessments. With an educational background in Marine Biology, he holds experience in working and managing research projects for non-profit organizations which practice in biodiversity and conservation management. 



Head of Operations

Hollie, a dedicated writer and passionate activist, possesses expertise gained through her involvement with non-profit organizations. Drawing from her extensive background in international affairs, she utilizes her valuable skillset to heighten the awareness of the environmental and social impact of business activities. 



Legal Advisor

Valerie boasts a diverse background encompassing both the legal field and a proven track record as a successful business owner. Her expertise in law serves as a crucial foundation for advising on matters related to counting coral and undertaking necessary legal actions.  



Special Projects Manager

Viola is a bioengineer and material scientist interested in and working at the intersection of conservation and

bio-integrated design. She aims to use her interdisciplinary knowledge to raise awareness and expand impactful efforts for ecological and societal sustainability. 

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