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Jolyon Collier

Artist, avid surfer, diver and all around ocean man jolyon has for a lifetime been an ocean advocate and has now turned all his attention on saving coral reefs


30+ years experience building multi-million dollar dream homes Managing entire builds, operational costs, budgeting, and project timelines.

Favourite Movie: The Matrix

Favourite Food: Tacos

Favourite Destination: Fiji

Aria ma 
chief fundraising

Aria Ma is a high school senior from Maryland, USA. She has been engaged in the nonprofit and humanitarian industry for the past 3 years, focusing on environmental conservation and Alzheimer's research.


Aria is passionate about bridging interdisciplinary skills in order to help create a more sustainable future.


Lionel has over 30 years in executive corporate roles and running small businesses. He is responsible for the initial business structure and financial tracking for Counting Coral. 


Favorite Food: Indian and Thai (spicy food) 


Favorite Destination: Laid back - Hua Hin Thailand; Upscale experience - Geneva Switzerland

Hollie Dee
executive advisor

Hollie is a professional writer and activist, with experience working for non-profit educational organizations. 

With a background in international affairs, she hopes to use her skillset to navigate the team to clear waters and flourishing reefs.

Favorite Movie: The Shining

Favorite Food: Japanese Cuisine

Favorite Destination: The Greek Isles or fjordic Norway



executive director

Brooke is a creative director and fashion model with a love for for all things nature. With experience in branding and graphic design, she hopes to direct Counting Coral and its ability to create a positive change.

Born by the sea and forever outdoors, Brooke intends to generate worldwide awareness in a unique and captivating manner. With previous involvement in current and trending marketing techniques, she will be able to optimize Counting Coral’s growth. 

Favorite Movie: The Prestige, Ratatouille
Favorite Food: Asian Cuisine
Favorite Destination: Barcelona, Spain 

Director of

Jonny is a professional environmentalist, specializing in project management and impact assessments. 


With an educational background in Marine Biology, he holds experience in working and managing research projects for non-profit organisations which practice in biodiversity and conservation management.


Jonny aims to apply his technical inputs in order to support Counting Coral's cause and operations moving forwards.

Favourite Movie: The Gladiator

Favourite Food: Seafood 

Favourite Destination: The Philippines 


Summer of 2021



Remy was born and raised in Newport Beach California. She is about to begin her senior year at Colgate University where she is majoring in Environmental Geography. Remy also plays soccer for the Colgate Women's Soccer team. She enjoys sailing with her family and friends in her free time and hopes to complete the Transpacific Yacht Race in two years with her dad.

Remy is passionate about environmental protection and conservation, especially when it comes to marine life and the ocean. She hopes to help raise awareness about the negative impacts of climate change and pollution. Remy is really looking forward to working with Counting Coral to help preserve and protect the world's coral reefs and marine ecosystems.

Favorite Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
Favorite Travel Destination: The Dominican Republic
Favorite Food: Tacos


Summer of 2021



Theo is an incoming Sophomore at Williams College focusing in Arabic Studies and Environmental Studies. He enjoys playing water polo, gardening, snorkeling, and playing the saxophone.

Theo is excited by the combination of science and nature in building resilience to climate change.
He sees Counting Coral as an opportunity to both revive biodiversity and uplift the most vulnerable coastal communities.

Favorite movie: Children of Men
Favorite travel destination: Portugal and Vietnam
Favorite food: Ethiopian food


Summer of 2021


leah bach

Leah is a recent Texas State University graduate with a degree in Resource and Environmental Studies. In her free time, she likes to snorkel at the San Marcos River, read self-help books, take spontaneous trips, and go to the gym. 


With a passion for the ocean and all its marine life, Leah aims to devote her life to ocean conservation and is beyond excited to work with Counting Coral to help the world become a better place!


Favorite movie: Almost Famous

Favorite travel destination: Belize

Favorite food: Mexican food :) 



Viola zhANg

Viola is a bioengineer and material scientist interested in and working at the intersection of conservation and bio-integrated design. 


She is a diver, equestrian, and artist passionate about wildlife and coastal ecosystems. She aims to use her interdisciplinary knowledge to raise awareness and expand impactful efforts for ecological and societal sustainability. 


Favorite Movie: Call Me By Your Name, Léon, Infernal Affairs, Aristocats

Favorite Food: Oysters

Favorite Destination(s): New York ♥️, Italy, Southeast China




Megan is a sophomore at Oregon State University, pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing with a Graphic Design Minor. As someone who thrives off of genuine human connections, she finds herself drawn to opportunities where she is able to make a positive impact on others' lives. She has a strong passion for both animal welfare and environmental conservation and is thrilled to work with Counting Coral to help save our precious ecosystem.


Favorite Movies: Harry Potter, Avengers


Favorite Food: Mexican


Favorite Destination(s): Anywhere she can take her dog!