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25% of ocean
food comes
from reefs

Coral is a beautiful, complex organism that comes in an immense variety of shapes and colors. Most corals are found in shallow, tropical waters, but they exist in the deep ocean too. Although they look like plants or rocks, coral is an animal! 

Coral reefs protect coastal communities from storms, prevent coastal erosion, support economies (from fishing to tourism), and more than 500 million people worldwide rely on coral reefs.

Save Coral


Our mission is to restore coral reefs through revolutionizing the way humans interact with the reef system. With 25% of all marine life at stake, it is time to recognize the human impact on our reefs. 

However, due to climate change, rising ocean temperatures, and human intervention, coral reefs are seriously endangered.

Coral cannot survive in water that is too warm, and warm oceans generate mass bleaching events– killing off entire reef systems. Increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere mean that corals cannot build their calcium dense skeletons.

50% of all

Our world needs coral reefs. They are vital to the health of our oceans and the survival of our planet. Discover what we are doing to be a part of the change here. 

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