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50% of the
coral is dead

HOW IS counting coral HELPING?


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Fiji's first
Sculptural coral bank

In association with Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

Counting Coral has installed 137 sculptures that now act as the world's first stainless steel sculptural coral bank in Nalovo bay,off of Nacula island in the Yasawa islands group of Fiji.


Sculptural coral banks


Counting Coral is leading the development of Sculptural Coral Banks, a new and advanced method to aid coral growth.

Sculptural coral banks are designed with coral propagation in mind. These beautiful structures are multi-functional, tackling previous issues in restoration and tourism.  Our sculptures are planted out with climate-resilient coral, rare coral and coral's of opportunity developing into a coral bank over time.

Our coral banks will naturally propagate reef systems, whilst maintaining a healthy coral supply for harvesting when needed. 

This process starts with first identifying and harvesting climate resilient coral, then placing these CRC's on our sculptures and allowing them to grow to spawning maturity.

Allowing CRC's to grow and spawn in a safe environment will greatly increase the chances of natural propagation.

This new technique of coral propagation is a step in the right direction. In addition, this technique can be largely scaled, giving the reefs a chance to survive the race against time.

benefits of our work


Our sculptures are specifically designed to grow climate resilient coral.


After being planted out with climate resilient coral, our sculptures become an artificial reef.


Our coral is grown to spawning maturity allowing for natural propagation.

translucent2 (2).png

fragments can be harvested and planted onto secondary nurseries or back out onto damaged reefs.

translucentstaghorn (1).png

Dive operators, hoteliers, restaurants and the local communities have new marketing opportunities and an added revenue stream thus becoming stakeholders. 



In many cases, our sculptures can be used as a study site for scientists/marine biologists to have a controlled environment to study coral.


Awareness will be driven by divers diving on our sites and by social media. Our sculptures are artistically designed and aesthetically appealing.


Our sculptural installs decrease a percentage of diver traffic away from fragile reef systems.

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