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Reef Madness - A Wine with Purpose

Counting Coral connected with Anarchist Wine Co. through 1% For The Planet. What began as a typical interaction evolved into an incredible relationship where we joined forces to pursue our individual efforts were being mutually supported through the connection of an issue much larger than ourselves. Despite the apparent dissimilarity between our organizations - a winery and a coral restoration nonprofit - we found a shared passion beyond the conventional aspects of a "partnership." It quickly became apparent that the founders of Anarchist Wine Co. were ardent ocean enthusiasts, deeply committed to environmental preservation, avid divers, and equally concerned as our team about safeguarding coral reefs. This realization solidified our partnership, grew a friendship, and extended our mission far beyond marketing. Our bond quickly flourished, and their substantial contribution towards the creation of the first sculptural park left us thrilled. To honor their invaluable support, we engraved the name "Anarchist Wine Co." onto the centerpiece of the installation. This extraordinary gesture allows us to promote their company in a distinctive and exciting manner while ensuring that their name remains on the seafloor as a lasting testament to their significant role in the park's establishment.

Centerpiece installation, Fiji, 2022

From the start, Philip and Valerie went against the grain to what one might anticipate from business partners, displaying a remarkable level of sincerity, engagement, and concern that deeply resonated with us. To further this, they both accompanied us to Fiji to witness the project in its completion. Following the trip, our partnership reached new heights. Observing their extensive expertise in their own business and being inspired by the efficient operations of their company, we eagerly decided to appoint Valerie to our board. Recognizing her as an invaluable addition, we were confident that her dedication matched ours and she would contribute significantly to our endeavors.

Anarchist Wine Co. in Nalova Bay, 2022

Since then, we have been diligently working non-stop. Counting Coral continues its fundraising efforts and strives to connect with people through multiple channels. Reaching out to an audience proves challenging, but it becomes even more daunting when the subject revolves around seeking assistance and raising awareness about the gravity of the issues we are tackling.

Philip, Valerie, and the entire team at Anarchist Wine Co. never cease to amaze us with their unwavering support. Despite the apparent differences in our respective missions, it in no way hinders the collaboration we have, and will continue to share. Their personal mission to effect change through their passion for crafting and offering exceptional wines is truly commendable. The purity, elegance, and distinctiveness of their wines have impressed us like no other. What adds an extra layer of joy is the way they generously share their success with the world, making our partnership even more rewarding. Now here's the real kicker... Anarchist Wine Co. is releasing a new wine crafted specifically to support our mission ... "Reef Madness" Rosé, Counting Coral Edition.

"Reef Madness" Rosé This delightfully crisp Rosé has a blend of Mourvèdre, Grenache, and Tempranillo, offering a aromas of wild strawberries and jasmine, with hints of crushed sea shell. White cherry, gooseberry, pomegranate, and fresh herbs glide over the palate in a gentle wave. Bright acidity with a touch of Fleur de Sel on a clean and refreshing finish. A perfect wine to sip while imagining vibrant ocean waters and thriving coral reefs! Anarchist Wine Co. will donate all of the profits from sales of Reef Madness Rosé to Counting Coral. These donations will directly fund the establishment of another sculptural coral gene bank within Fiji's Yasawa Island Chain. The coral gene bank system will nurture over 10,000 corals in the coming years, providing vital support to the local community's dependence on fishing and sending a powerful message worldwide. Yes, you read that all right. If you purchase a bottle (or few) of Anarchist Wine Co.'s "Reef Madness" Rosé, your money will be entirely placed into the restoration of coral reefs, and the reef ecosystem that we so desperately need to preserve.

Buy your bottle today - "Reef Madness" Rosé,


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